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What is Recommend.my?

Recommend.my is Malaysia's #1 home improvement website. Started in 2015, we provide services such as plumbing, electricians, appliance repair, aircon servicing, home cleaning, renovation, interior design and more. We only partner with the best contractors who have demonstrated high quality of work, five-star customer reviews, and many years of experience.

How do I book a home massage with Recommend.my?

Fill in the booking form with your preferred massage(s), duration and other personal details. A pro will pick up your request and contact you for an appointment confirmation. 

What types of massages are available?

Aromatherapy massage 
A multi-purpose relaxing massage using various essential and aromatic oils (mainly plant extract oils) to penetrate the skin, promote mental stimulation, relieve pain and soreness and overall calm the body.
Depending on selected essential oils, it is not suitable for children, people with skin allergies or respiratory conditions, and breast/ovarian cancer patients.

Thai massage 
A traditional therapeutic massaging technique from Thailand using firm pressure and stretching motions to relieve muscle tension and soreness, improve blood circulation, and induce relaxation.
This massage doesn’t require any oils or lotion for lubrication.

Chinese massage 
A traditional massage that targets physical and energetic tension points. Techniques are similar to deep tissue massages and help boost blood circulation, relieve pain, releases muscle knots, and refreshes the mood as well as energy.  
This variation of Chinese massage does not include acupuncture, acupressure or cupping.

Foot massage 
A reflexology massage therapy using gentle pressure for your feet to help relieve soreness and aches, promote healthy blood flow, and relieves pent-up stress.

"Great massage at convenience of home. He's very experienced, does a great job and is passionate about his work."

"Great professional massage! Relieved my neck and shoulder pain in just two sessions!"



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Frequently-asked questions

Will the massage therapist provide everything?

The massage therapist will provide items such as oil, lotion, body scrub, towels, and other necessary items. The therapist will also provide post-massage clean up. The client must only provide a clean mattress to lie on during the massage. 

Do I need to wear my mask throughout the massage? 

Yes, both client and therapist must wear their facemasks throughout the session. The massage therapist will also be sanitizing their hands before and after massaging.

Are these massages suitable for pregnant/elderly individuals and children?

We do not recommend these massages for pregnant and elderly individuals unless it is permitted by your health professional.
None of these massages are suitable for children due to the pressured techniques and oils used to avoid bad reactions. 

Can I book for more than 1 person at a time?

Yes, you can pick however many massage types for however many pax you like in the form. Our massage therapists will make the necessary preparations to accommodate the number of pax.

Benefits of getting a home massage:

  • Cleaner and safer than going to a massage centre 
  • Saves time and travel cost 
  • Deeper relaxation for mind and body 
  • Post-massage cooldown time 
  • Don’t have to set foot outside at all!